RCTHosting Servers are now located in Wales

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Over the last 6 months we have been preparing a new website server environment in Wales.

Many website hosting companies will say they are hosted in Wales when many are not. Some are run from Wales but the physical hardware your website is hosted on is usually in London, the Netherlands or even the USA.

We have already moved most of our customers to the new data centre which is located on Microsoft’s secure Azure cloud platform located in South Wales, and we will be moving the remaining accounts soon.

How does this affect you?

  • Our new website hosting environment allows us effectively unlimited expansion and a number of other benefits which we can immediately pass onto our clients
  • Better security from hacking attempts and Cyber crime
  • An auto scaling environment that reacts to sudden peak traffic
  • Up to date WordPress website security best practices
  • Automatic WordPress core updates, including themes and plugins
  • Website and database backups for individual site restoration
  • Entire hosting environment backups for disaster recovery situations
  • Server sited caching to improve speed
  • Better compliance with GDPR
  • Free security certificates for most sites. The padlock and ‘s’ in https://
  • It’s in Wales

RCT Hosting can now say that not only is it run from Wales its servers are truly located in Wales.